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 This review has been a long time coming, for the simple fact that I didn't know where to begin, I have so much to say about the instruction I received from Mr Feliciano. After a few very frustrating, not to mention costly lessons, with another driving school, I was so relieved to have found Road Ready Watch Dog. Mr Feliciano is a very thorough and approachable instructor, who is very generous with is time. He is always ready and willing to answer any of your questions (whether you ask them at the beginning, middle or end of your lesson). I wish I could say that about the other school. Mr Feliciano is definitely not the silent type, and he definitely is not one to string you along for more lessons. Again, I wish I could say that about the other school. Mr Feliciano places priority on, and has a genuine interest in, making you a better driver. He teaches you about driving in the real world, not just driving to pass the test (which you will if you follow his instructions). I appreciate the fact that he was always straight up and honest with me about my progress, and where I needed improvement. He is very assertive and is not going to pretend things are OK if they aren't. That said, Mr Feliciano likes to joke around a lot and often made playful jabs at my driving (apparently I was driving like an old lady...haha). He's very easy to talk to and gives constant feedback. When you have very minimal experience, like I did (I didn't even have a car to practice in ), it helps build your confidence in driving when you know exactly what you're doing right and wrong. Whenever I had questions about what I could do to improve (or any questions at all) he would answer them immediately, even if it was at the very end of a lesson. Another thing I want to mention is, I work very irregular hours, and Mr Feliciano was very understanding and accommodating. I didn't have my own car at the time, and he made sure to arrange the lessons in a way that I would be able to get a lot of driving practice in right before the test. He also helped arrange the lessons so that I wouldn't have to drag them out and pay for more than I needed to. His rates a very affordable though, and you'll definitely be getting your money's worth. I could go on and on about how pleased I was with this school, but I'll just wrap things up here. My overall experience was very good, and I walked away from it a much more confident driver. Mr Feliciano will push you out of your comfort zone ( I was on the highway in no time), maybe sometimes to frustration, but believe me it is a good thing. A word of warning though, you'll probably hear his disembodied voice nagging you when you're out driving on your own. You'll probably keep hearing “I want you crawling like a turtle” every time you park. I know I Another thing to note is, if Mr Feliciano tells you you aren't ready for the driving test then you aren't ready. He's not saying that to squeeze more money out of you. A few students have ignored his advice, and have failed. Trust me on this. He told me I was ready, even though I had some doubts, and he was right. I passed on the first try and so will you. 


I had never driven a four wheeler before. After a few lessons from Eddie and some practice, I passed my driving test in first attempt, with a perfect score. 

I was recommended Road Ready Watchdog Driving School by my colleagues. Eddie taught me starting with the very basics (like how to turn on a car!), and most importantly, how to drive safe. He immensely helped build up my confidence. He would not rush anything and allowed me to understand things at my own pace. He would be very honest about my progress and would tell upfront my strengths and weeknesses after each lesson. Not only did he teach me how to drive, but also prepared me for the road test. He was very honest about whether I was ready for the road test or not. During my class before the test, he observed my weaknesses which could have affected my test results, and focused to strengthen them. He was very prompt at scheduling driving classes or road test appointment for me, as per my comfortable dates and timings. 

Last but not the least...Eddie is fun to be/learn with. He is not the typical strict, to-the-point teacher. He is very friendly and down-to-earth person. He maintains an enjoyable environment while teaching, and ensures the student doesn't get stressed out at any moment. I highly recommend Road Ready Watchdog Driving School, without any doubt, to anyone.


I am 18 years old and just received my license thanks Road Ready Watchdog. I absolutely hated driving and was a very nervous driver due to an accident I got in while my brother was driving. The lessons I received made me very comfortable and confident behind the wheel.



He was patient and thorough with my son gave him great advise, direction and even made the appointment and took my son to the DMV for his drivers test. And even though it was pouring that day my son was successful with obtaining his Drivers Permit on the first try.


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